Pu er tea

Puer is black tea. For its production the large-leaf  Junnan green tea is used. Young delicate leafs are artificially made old with the process of fermentation and compressing.
Pu er of high quality has a nice, mild and a little sweet smell -  the scent of old wood and hayloft. Pu er is useful and decreases the amount of cholesterol in blood. This tea is characterized with a wonderfully fertile tea extract. It removes the feeling of bellyful caused by eating rich meat. It’s great in melting fats. This tea is distinguished by its dark brown colour, fresh taste and specific aroma of putrid autumn leaves.
Pu er is a medical tea. It gives a restorative effect on body and mind, making one feel fresh and full of energy. But its main feature is that it has an ability to melt fats in blood-vessels and helps to loose weight. The French State Medical Academy carried out medical research and stated the following: those patients who drank three glasses of Unan Puer every day showed decrease in the amount of fats in blood in 22%. Consumers regularly send letters, giving the highest estimate to this tea. French medics consider that To Cha has many other advantages, which are still not well-known to people today, for example it includes elements which regulate the functions of gall bladder and renew the metabolism.


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