Chi Kung

Chi Kung is one of the areas of Chinese philosophy and culture.
The Chi energy is considered as the most important life power for a human being. Chi Kung teaches hoe to awake, use and control this energy. It is an ancient Chinese art of self-regulation. The main idea of Chi Kung is the development of human being as an individual and personality, giving him a possibility to understand his place in the world and his tasks.  
According to the Chinese philosophy, Chi is energy which is situated everywhere on Earth, in Heavens and in every living creature. These three types of energy collaborate with each other, penetrate into each other and turn one into other. The word “gun” in China is often used as a shortening of the word “gunfu” (distorted «kung fu», «kun fu» etc.), which means “energy-time”. Any study or training which requires time and energy is called “gunfu”. This name can be used for every activity which requires time, energy and patience. So the word Chi Kung can be translated as “work with Chi”, «trainings, connected with Chi which require great amount of time and power”.
According to the Chinese philosophy while practicing Chi Kung a man imbibes the energy of the Earth and the Sky and unites it in the area of “the lower Dantyan”.  According to the Chinese philosophy he thus grows pills of longevity and immortality.


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