Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan can be literally translated as “The Great limit of fist” or “The fist of Great Limit”. It’s the Chinese internal martial art, one of the types of Wushu (the origin of Wushu is disputable, different sources have different opinion). It became popular as the health-improving gymnastic, but the word Chuan (a fist) means, that Tai Chi Chuan is a fighting art. The main particularities of Tai Chi Chuan are soft rolling step with smooth and persistent movements and “pushing arms” (tui shou).  The soft rolling step  allows  to keep  balance during all the movements, except jumps,  and “pushing arms”,  also known as “sticky arms” (Chi Sao) in vinchun (juchun), help to develop the ability to feel and predict an opponent’s movements ant to shift from defence to attack  in no time simultaneously paralyzing the movements of an adversary. This creates a number of discomforts to an opponent, who is used only to blowing and isn’t used to the situation when his blows stick in the defence. “sticky / pushing arms”(kakie) are as well  known in two schools of karate  - go-dzju-rju and ueti-rju. Smoothness and persistence of movements, usually gained with slow executing of complexes, allow to thoroughly work out the technique of movements and to achieve a high fighting  speed at the expense of  the correct technique and rationality of movements. It’s evident that to achieve a high speed one needs not only to perfect technique, but to train his speed as well.  


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