Dao Yin

Dao Yin is an ancient health-improving system. It was formed as a separate practice in the 6-5th centuries in China BC within the secret Daoism doctrines. Special exercises were connected not only with the philosophy, but with magic as well…Being an integral method of moral and physical perfection, Dao Yin became a treasure, which formed a base of the Great Civilization. All the variety of hooks and styles of martial arts, calligraphy, aesthetics, and traditional medicine are based on this magnificent knowledge and the special experience of the reality. Dao Yin lessons will no doubt be useful to everyone who is interested in the Oriental Culture. In addition to health-improving effect of the lessons, the exercises of Dao Yin serve as a base to Wushu, Tia Chi, Chi Kung and fencing techniques.
"Dao Yin" is a technique of managing Chi energy.
- Methods of accumulating and developing energy;
- awakening of the life power, disclosure and usage of vital qualities;
- basic methods of Chi Kung and martial arts.


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