Meditation (from Latin meditatio — reflection, deliberation) is one of the methods of spiritual practices.
Meditation received the special development and concrete trend in Indian Yoga and Buddhism as one of the main means to get the religious liberation. But one can easily find meditation in antique platonic and neo platonic “philosophical ecstasy”  (platonics viewed it as a necessary premise to theoretical reflection, including mathematical one), in  the spiritual exercises of Jesuits, in Jewish Cabbala, in the doctrine of “The Way” of Sufi Muslims, and even in orthodox doctrine of «sensible deeds» (so called. «Logos-Meditation», or «Prayer of Jesus»). For the present moment meditation is an essential part of national and religious cultures of different countries, especially of Oriental ones.

Regular Retreats and seminars are held in The Center.

The next Retreat will be carried out during The November Holidays.


Our Center invites you to visit China (From July, 3rd till July, 18th)! The trip program includes such places, as Tibet, Lhasa, and Shaolin.



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