Complex fights

Complex fight is an applied kind of sport fight, which was created in 2003 on the basis of the most rational techniques and tactics of kickboxing, boxing and freestyle wrestling and sambo. The system is useful in the terms of high psychological tension, physical fatigue and active resistance.  The complex fights consist of two versions: Sport-applied and Universal-full contact. Sport-applied version was born in 1996 in The Moscow Institute of the Ministry for Home Affairs.  It’s the basic ground in forming moving skills of strikes and fighting techniques.  The vast majority of trainings and competitions are held in this version and contests consist of two rounds of three minutes each with a minute interval. The first round includes percussion fight in boxing gloves and protecting equipment with fist strikes onto head and feet strikes in the safety equipment available.  The second round is a sport fight without protecting equipment but with throws and painful holds. The winner is determined with the biggest score in two rounds or with the clear victory – knockout or painful hold. Universal-full contact version was introduced into The Russian federation Ministry of Defence after the tournament of the best fighters of special divisions, which was carried out in Moscow in 1992. This version is generally used as a test of the effectiveness of different hooks in the terms of active resistance, without protecting equipment but in boxing gloves.  Contests consist of three two-minute rounds with a one-minute interval between them, and arm strikes, leg strikes, throws and painful holds are permitted within them. In 2003 it was decided to unite the two versions and as a result of this a system of Complex Fights appeared. It was as well decided that promotion of this system would be implemented within the boundaries of The Federation of Complex fights, which was founded on the 11th of April 20003 at the Conference , in which 49 regions of Russian took part. The rules of the competitions of Complex Fights were confirmed by The President of Complex Fights on the 26th of April 2006.


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