Jujitsu is a style of Chinese martial arts, which is believed to belong to the century if Chou Imperial Dynasty, (1122—255 BC.). The word Термин " Jujitsu " (or "Dzju-dzjutsu") appeared in Japan in the 16th century as a general name for all hand-to-hand fights without armor and with so called “at hand” weapons. It consists of two words. The word “Ju” means "soft, flexible, thin, complaisant,  tractable", and "jitsu" is translated as "a technique, mean, control". Jijitsu is the most democratic system among martial arts, because according to its charter every federation is able to introduce into its  program and methods those elements which are inherent in this country.
So jujitsu differs from  those martial arts which have strict  frameworks and are ment for competitions.  
Jujitsu is the origin of such fights as aikido, judo, karate and sambo.


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