Dances of different styles


Dance is a kind of art, which creates images with plastic movements and rhythmical changing of poses. Dance is connected with the music, emotions and images of which are implemented in choreographical compositions, movements and poses.

The definition of a dance depends on historical, cultural and other contexts.
British  sexologist Havlok Allice determined dance as a virtuosic development of sexual impulse.
American choreographer Martha Grahem determined dance as a real expression of deepest emotions, released with the movements of a body. Anthropologist Joan Kealiinochomoky gives the following definition of a dance: «dance is a  transient, flying way of expression, which happens in a given form and style with the help of body movements».
Julie Charlotte Van Camp in her  dissertation gathered main components of a dance:
1.    a body movement which is carried  in a specified style and within particular patterns;
2.    such features as gracefulness, elegancy, beauty;
3.    is accompanied with music or rhythmical sounds;
4.    has a goal of telling a story or communicating or expressing certain feelings. Topics of ideas, possibly with the help of costumes, pantomime etc.
She mentions as well that all the different definitions of dance agree only in the first point – that dance is a movement.
Dance exists in cultural traditions of all human societies. It has greatly changed within the long history of humanity, reflecting cultural development.  There is a great amount of kinds, styles and forms of dance
Dance is used as a way of self-expression, social communication, a competitive sport, an exhibition art and in religious purposes.
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«The Tribal Fusion» is the most mysterious and hypnotizing style of dances. Smooth snake movements turn to the sharp explosive. It is the dance of women’s power and independence. The seducing element is absent there. At the same time “Tribal” includes such styles, as Flamenco, the Indian dance, Arabian dance.

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