Hatha Yoga
The literal translation of the word “hatha” is “power, might, effort, necessity, fury”. It can also be translated as “ha” – “the Sun”, “tha” – “the Moon”. The name symbolizes the balance of the Sun and the Moon, of activity and relaxation.
Among other methods of self-actualization hatha yoga pays great attention to work with an organic body.
It’s appropriate to draw an analogy with the technique. For example you need to get to a certain place by car.  But your car breaks and you have to leave it and to take a new one. So, if this car is your physical body, then hatha yoga is something which doesn’t let it break. On the contrary, yoga regulates, smears and  draws up nuts tight, which lets you get to the point of destination without breaking.
Hatha yoga is the work with consciousness by means of physical body therefore those who go in for hatha yoga, if they do it right,  are healthy and adequate till the last day of their lives.  This lets one control all the deeds and actions, from physical ones to the total control of consciousness. The practice of hatha yoga s compulsory for “achieving the highest level of rajah yoga” because it’s the perfection and preparation of the physical body to function under all terms.
The difference between gymnastics and hatha yoga is that the latest, though works with the physical bode, is nevertheless  focused on the consciousness. There is such a concept as internal work. Among other aspects it means special concentration of attention in the process of practice, and a thoroughly considered by the generations of masters rejuvenating impact on all groups of muscles and ligaments. This is the main difference between hatha yoga and sport. That’s why those who practice hatha yoga stay healthy for all their lives.




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