Massage (French “masser” which means “to rub”) the whole set of hooks of mechanical and reflex coercion on organs and tissues by the means of виде rubbing, pressing, vibration passed directly over human body with arms and special devices through air, water or other substance with the aim of achieving medicinal or other effect.  
In addition to mechanical coercion there may be used  aroma oils, medicinal ointments, gels and other preparations and temperature impacts in order to intensify effect.  
The external irritations are perceived by the receptors of skin, muscles and reflex points and are transferred to a central nervous system. The torrent of impulses, depending on the used techniques and methods of massage, may stimulate and increase tonus of a central nervous system or, on the contrary, have a relaxing effect, which positively affects all t physiological systems of an organism.  
The procedures are carried out in the massage cabinet


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