Non-traditional health-improving studies
Health-improving studies based on the system of Chervonenko A.E. MD (Astrobionika). The main goal of the studies is physical and psychological health, harmonization of internal environment (install positive, remove negative) using 3 principles of Singitai  - to unite thoughts, breath and move in the exercise:
1.    TO THINK CORRECTLY – meditation (forming health-improving way of thinking, concentration and un-concentration , contemplation – D’hiyana);
2.    TO BREATHE CORRECTLY – breathe exercise, mantres (the art of Jappa, Idama and Paramita) with open and close vocal vibration;
3.    TO MOVE CORRECTLY – to move a body in a space,  the art of Stalking, the main principles of the position of a body relative to the energetic ball, complexes of basic health-improving and fighting movements with armor and without it (TAO), DAMO complexes,  complexes of doctor HUA TO.


Traditional health-improving studies
The basis for health:
- Complex estimate of physical health
- Ecology and health
- Relief of psychological tension
- Healthy nourishment
- Conditioning to the cold
- Natural means of health-improvement

Self-correction of functional malfunctions in organism:
- Improvement of immunity
- Cleaning of organism
- Normalization of weight
- Correction of figure


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